Holly is a qualified Naturopath, Clinical Nutritionist, and Acupuncturist who is dedicated to supporting each client
by designing individually tailored wellness plans that are evidence-based, practical and effective.

Before becoming a Naturopath Holly worked as a designer in Brisbane and then in Italy where she developed a strong interest in Mediterranean cuisine and traditional food practices. What initially started as an exploration and love of cooking eventually lead to a bachelor degree in Health Science (Naturopathy) and a Masters in Applied Science (Acupuncture).

By combining the latest evidence-based Naturopathic knowledge alongside Traditional Chinese Medicine, Holly aims to integrate both Eastern and Western medicine philosophies for a more holistic approach to wellness. This includes the latest in herbal medicine research, dietary therapy and food plans, acupuncture for a range of conditions, Chinese massage, nutritional supplements, and mindfulness-based techniques.

While Holly treats a range of health concerns and disorders, she has a particular interest in respiratory health and allergies, mental health & stress management, general nutrition guidance, food intolerances and skin disorders.

Holly is enthusiastic and results driven with an aim to help you become the healthiest version of yourself.